29+ Average Water Use In Shower

29+ Average Water Use In Shower. The average american shower water usage is 17.2 gallons with the average shower length being 8.2 minutes. On average, a person showering could use 80 liters of water while a person taking a bath could use 150 liters of water.

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Water use varies greatly, and depends on a large number of factors. According to the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc) , the average shower lasts 8 minutes. You can make it snappy and rinse off between five and seven minutes with a regular shower head.

Here's how to cut down the time you spend do the math, and that means united states dwellers spend close to an hour in the shower and use more than 120 gallons of water in just a week.

In addition, the average shower uses approximately 10.0022 liters of water per minute. The average shower time being 7 minutes equals 49 gallons for one person. A standard 2.5 gpm shower head uses 2.5 gallons of water each minute. The average american shower uses approximately 15.8 gallons (59.8 liters) and lasts for 7.8 minutes at an average flow rate of 2.1 gallons per minute (7.9 lpm).

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