22+ Garage Door Not Closing

22+ Garage Door Not Closing. These 7 reasons are to blame… if there's something blocking the door from closing all the way, a full close will be impossible. It had worked just fine a few hours earlier.

Garage Door Won T Close 3 Things To Check Bob Vila
Garage Door Won T Close 3 Things To Check Bob Vila from s3-production.bobvila.com

Bottom of the door is up on one side. Limit how often you use the door until a professional can come in and evaluate the mechanism. I have the same problem with door not closing.

To solve your garage issue here are the reasons why your garage doors do not close:

If your garage door isn't closing all the way, but also doesn't reverse you might need to adjust something called the limit switch. If you cannot figure out why the door will not close, your best course of action would be to call a company which instals or repairs garage doors. This can be one of the reasons for the closed door. I have a genie pro 1024 garage door opener.

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